Thursday, 29 April 2010


What a fabulous morning we had with Christine Restall.  Christine brought with her all the quilts that she had to hand, some have been sold and some are in Exhibitions, including the very first quilt she had made.  She has made such an interesting quilting journey.  Virtually self taught, with a 'just go for it' attitude.  How exciting for some of   us at Hardy Quilters to find a kindred spirit.!!  I have long been a fan of Christine's work and imagined that she would work in a very orderly way.  However, she is a true artist -  painter and textile.  She gets an idea and it plays on her mind until she decides to make a start - and that's it!  No frills or fussing - just do it!!   Of course it helps if you have a great sense of colour or design!!  Christine grew up in a family of artists and stitchers and always had either a paint brush or sewing needle in her hand but has had no formal Art training.  She is a true inspiration to anyone who  would like to put more 'Art' into their quilts but does not have the confidence because they don't have the Art training.

Christine's visit was like a breath of fresh air and the members and visitors who had come to see her were not disappointed.  She was willing and eager to answer any questions that they might have - and there were many.  I think everyone found the morning exhilerating and many left wanting to go home and m ake a start on something, I know I did.