Tuesday, 10 October 2017

CLAIRE PASSMORE - Workshop on 23rd October.

We are more than pleased to welcome Claire Passmore back to Hardy Quilters for another of her wonderful workshops.

This will be a surface design techniques full day workshop 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. (with a break for Lunch).  The cost will be Members £15 and Non-Members £25.


Claire will be bringing kits with her at a cost of £6.

Apron.  Small washing up bowl.   Newspaper.  Carrier Bag.  Loo roll.  Rags to clean.  Baby wipes.  Kitchen sponges.  Plain white cotton/polycotton fabric.

4 colours of artist acrylic paint, not little tubes.  Freezer paper.  Masking tape.  Craft knife and spare blades.  Small scissors  Biro and Sharpie type black pens.  Drawing paper. 5B or 6B and 2H or 3H pencils.

Glue Stick.  Old hand towel.  Cutting mat.  Jam jar with lid.  

Many of these things can be shared with friends.  The Works or Range sell cheap acrylic paint.
See Claire's website for more details.

This promises to be an exciting experimental day with one of our favourite Textile Artist/Quilter.

Monday, 3 July 2017


Theses are pictures of part of the Exhibition that was set up in memory of Del Whitfield one of our founder members who sadly passed away quite recently.  This is only a fraction of her work.  Many of us had no idea of the extent of her many and varied creations.    She just quietly got on with what she wanted to do without a lot of fuss.  She was very active within the Group and was always off taking part in various workshops.  We miss her very much.

The following pictures are of work by other members of the Hardy Quilters.

Dear Jane quilts made by Sheila Lloyd, Jenny Greenwood and Sue Warwick.

Judie Rothermel Quilt made by Lizzie Drake and long arm quilted by Frances Taylor

Top - Chantal David at Kathryn Chambers workshop
Bottom - Fish by Lizzie Drake at Claire Passmore workshop.  These were workshops held by Hardy Quilters at Osmington Village Hall.

Ann Jones

Guess the name of the Pub challenge

There are more pictures to follow and I will update the credits on this posting.

On behalf of the Committee I would like to express thanks to all those members that volunteered to help during what was two busy days.  We would not have managed without you, and your help was very much appreciated.  So very often it is left to the same people to take the load of all the work and this is just not fair.  Everything is done for the good of the Hardy Quilters and its members therefore it would be very gratifying if more people volunteered to help at times if only to make tea and coffee which is all provided and just amounts to boiling a kettle.

Our next meeting is on Monday September 25th and is the Annual General Meeting, usual time 10 a.m.    After the business there will be a mini workshop led by Ann Jones.

Sunday, 25 June 2017


It has been a long time since the last Blog post due to all kinds of unforeseen circumstances but we are back now.
We are staging our Biannual Open Day and Exhibition this weekend and today we had lots of lovely visitors to see all the lovely exhibits and eat some delicious home cooked cakes.
I will post photographs soon.