Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Yesterday was the day of the long awaited visit by Alicia Merrett.  Alicia was with us all day - giving a talk about her quilting journey and showing her wonderful quilts in the morning and teaching a workshop during the afternoon session.  Alicia's work is full of the most vibrant colour and intricate piecing, and those of us who were staying for the afternoon workshop wondered what was in store for us.  We were going to be taught how to piece a free cut curved line and also how to insert a very narrow curved piece.  Alicia gently guided us through the process and we all managed to master the technique in our own ways.

As usual it is fascinating to see the results of different people's interpretation of the same technique.  We all worked quietly away with Alicia being on hand if we needed her.  She is a no nonsense kind of teacher who quietly and gently gets her message across in a calm sort of way without overcomplicating things.  Very important for a process with the end result of looking very complicated. 

These are some of the results of the afternoon's work.  As you can see each one different and some more complicated than others.  We all had a great day and felt we had achieved something at the end of it.  Everyone managing to finish several samples and some even starting to plan future pieces of work using this technique.                                              

This was our last meeting until we resume again on 20th September.  This will be our Annual General Meeting day when all are welcome and we look forward to plenty of completed pieces of work for the ' Show and Tell'.  In the meantime have a great summer and carry on quilting.  As for myself and a couple of other members we are off to Birmingham NEC in August for three days at 'Festival of Quilts'.