Friday, 14 January 2011


Happy New Year to you all - I look forward to seeing you on Monday 24th - this is a week later than usual due to the redecoration of the Hall.

As we had to unfortunately cancel our December meeting, we were not able to let you know the requirements to bring for January and so the purpose of this is to let as many members know as possible what will be happening this time.

- There will be a raffle - (donations will be gratefully received!)

- To all those who did make something for the Christmas Card Challenge, please bring these along as we would love to see them and the competition will take place in our January meeting

As you know Ann Jones was due to run a workshop last time making the fabric picture frames - if you would still like to do this, (there was a beach scene as well as a Christmas one) we would suggest this takes place in our April Meeting ( which is scheduled as a general sit & sew, followed by a pot luck lunch)

Sheila will be showing members in January how to make a Strippy Lap Quilt. 

For Sheila's requirements please bring the following - this work can be done by hand or sewing machine - please your usual sewing kit and machine - your rotary cutter and measuring board - there will be some irons at the hall

- at least half a dozen - 8 1/2 inch calico squares - (Sheila will confirm the number you need for the entire quilt but this should be sufficient in the time available)
- a wide selection of scraps cut into strips 1" - 2 1/2" wide ( ideally do this at home) and it is recommended that you starch the fabric before cutting into squares and strips.

Sort the fabric into two colour ways - warm and cool or blues and reds etc or totally random.

On each calico square you will need to mark it diagonally with a 2" inch wide strip from corner to corner.  This won't show but needs to be accurate.  This 2" strip can be covered in black or any toning colour or you can leave the calico showing.  This forms a trellis when the blocks are joined.   If you have any queries, please ring Sheila for more information on 01305 785991.

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