Monday, 18 February 2013


Today's meeting was very successful and was well attended.  Kate Dowty is a very popular quilter and textile artist. Today we were 'playing  with paintsticks' and we were happy to see and welcome a lot of non-members who had travelled some distance to take part.  I took a lot of photographs during the day and have put these into a video.  As you will see it shows the progression of the workshop with almost finished pieces at the end. 

A big thank you to Kate and everyone who came to support us.  I think everyone went away feeling pleased with what they had learnt and accomplished.  The challenge now is to finish the pieces and have them ready for our Workshop Corner in the Exhibition to be held in June.

I would like to add here that Kate Dowty is having a solo exhibition at the Old Church at Eype from the 13th - 28th April.  I saw this Exhibition at the Festival Quilts last year and it was simply wonderful and I would urge anyone who is able to go to see her in April.  You won't be disappointed.

Last but by no means least a reminder that for the March meeting there will be a mini workshop led by Ann Jones - 'Happy Village'.  If you would like more details and a requirements list please get in touch either by email or telephone.  If you would prefer not to take part in the workshop but get on with your own project please feel free to bring whatever you like.  If you are stuck with something perhaps someone will be able to help you.  A few heads are better than one and sometimes just talking  with like-minded people works wonders.

Hope to see you in March and in the meantime 'Keep on Quilting'.


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